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Call Center Jobs

Smart businesses are outsourcing and hiring work at home call center employees either independently or through a company that provides employees who work from home. A few of these companies include:

West At Home
Working Sol
Alpine Access
Live Ops

If you’re interested in a work at home call center job, it’s very important to review each of these companies carefully to determine which one is the right fit for you. Some work at home call center employers pay an hourly wage. Others pay per minute that you are on the telephone. Some consider you an employee, others view you as an independent contractor and you must pay your own taxes. You may even want to consider applying with more than one company, as the process of securing a work at home call center job can be very competitive.

Diligently examine each company’s requirements. For all of them, you will need a computer and a landline. Check the individual requirements in the FAQ section for each employer using the links above.

Check the job listings that we regularly post for other work at home jobs, including call center positions. You can also Google “Work at Home Employers” to discover more ways to find a work at home job. Just remember that a legitimate work at home employer will not charge you money to work for them (although some will require that you pay for fingerprinting, a credit check and possibly drug testing).