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Ever Considered Sponsored Blog Posts?

First, Hello Again!

Yes, I’ve been away for a while, but rest assured that I haven’t completely abandoned this space. In fact, I’m currently working on ways to improve upon this blog and bring you even more useful information on work at home jobs for moms. Until then, please continue to utilize the work from home articles shared under the Categories section to your right. Lots of useful information can be gleaned there!

A New Opportunity Awaits

I’d also like to take a moment to introduce a new opportunity to those seeking work at home jobs for moms. Namely, sponsored blog posts. I know many of you have your own blogs, so this may be a perfect fit.

One of my clients has asked me to locate bloggers willing to write personal experience posts about home security and publish them on a personal blog for an established fee. Whether your home has been broken into before or you’ve purchased home security devices to protect your family, we’d like to hear from you. If you are willing to share your experiences on your blog and include links to my client’s site within your post, let’s talk.

Please reply to this message by using the contact form on this site or by emailing me at:

info at LamasaPublishing dot com (of course, in the usual email format)

When replying, please include the following info:

Your blog’s name and the general topics that you cover there

A link to your blog

How long your blog has been in existence

How many new posts you publish per week (on average)

The average number of people who visit your blog per day

Your blog’s Twitter I.D. (if applicable)

Your blog’s Facebook page (if applicable)

How much money you’d like to receive for writing and publishing an 800-word home security post on your blog

Please also include a few sentences about yourself, your blog, your home security experience(s) and why you believe that your blog would be a good fit for a home security sponsor.

My client prefers for this to be an ongoing relationship with an agreed upon number of posts per month, but one-time posts will be considered. Of course, every subsequent post would not have to be related to a personal experience, but can also include opinions about security, advice to your readership, etc. The client would also love it if you tweet about your posts and share them on Facebook.

All payments are made via PayPal, so please be sure to establish an account there if you don’t already have one.

Finally, please be advised that you will only be contacted if you are chosen to participate in the program, which will begin in May.

Thanks for your continued support of the Work at Home Mom Center and we’ll talk again soon!

~ Laura M. Sands

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